6 month group program

6 month group program

Fully Lived has been created specifically for

high-achieving, powerhouse humans

who are simply unwilling to live a life that is internally lacking – despite it appearing externally abundant.

Are you ready to embody your truest self and live life courageously… aligned to your design?

Do you want ALL the tools, wisdom, and clarity to wake up excited, inspired and clear about your purpose every day?


At this point in your life, you’ve probably realized that everything you’ve picked up from society, social programming, media, parents, etc is all old-school, non-relevant, fear-based BULLSH*T that isn’t taking you anywhere you want to go.

In fact, it’s keeping the whole world stuck in an almost-too-exhausting-to-observe f*cking pattern.


You know through your first-hand experience of being committed to growth, being driven, being soul-aligned/spiritual, being ever-curious…

…that when you forgive others, connect into your body, speak your truth, love others, work on your shadow, recognize your trauma, practice self-care, and all these “opposite” and oh-so-important-to-life things that most people literally are still *striving for* in their life… 

…that you feel amazing.

And amazing things happen FOR you.

You with me?

There’s even more for you…


I get it. You may think you’ve become a Lion in the kingdom, and feel amazing about your life, and have mostly freed yourself from all the bullsh*t programming to find more levels of peace, and love, and joy in your life, but yet you know there’s more. 

What if I told you that lion can grow wings and fly like a Griffin?.

In fact, when you really feel into it:

You’re actually just a bit afraid to admit and invite in MORE.
It’s a juicy, yet edgy stretch for you (which is a GOOD thing).

So, even though
“life is good”,
“I have no complaints”,
“I have it all”,
“I’ve done the work”…

There’s somewhere more to go…
but you’re not sure where.

There’s something more for you…
but you don’t know what.

At this point, if you’re reading this… you’ve experienced The Diamond Path to Life Mastery and you want to be at a TEN across ALL your life’s aspects.


I’m talking:

– Sex –
– Love –
– Health –
– Business –
– Connection –
– Worthiness –
– Emotions –
– Stillness –
– Legacy –
– Power –


And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in my group program:


6 month group program

My landmark program that ADDRESSEs all those aspects of life where you’re silently accepting you’re playing small…



Finally unblock what’s been holding you back or feels “missing” (using proven techniques)


Increase your capacity to have more abundance
& Love and to enjoy life more fully & deeply


Uncover Hidden Parts of Yourself that want to be known so you can live at your fullest potential & feel more fully connected to yourself and the world… for the rest of your life!

A program to face that small fear of MORE and step into a life where Everything Is Possible and literally miracles occur everyday.

Depending on how well you know me, you know this is exactly how I’m living my life everyday.

And it’s exactly how I want YOU to be living too!!

It is my highest excitement to invite you into

the FULLY LIVED container

It’s a 6 month journey where I will take you from…


“Yeah life is pretty good” …to…
“OMG, miracles are just occurring everyday in my life!”.

…and from…

“This is enough for me, I’m alright” …to…
“What omg, seriously life… you want me to have this too?!”


It’s possible.
I’m living proof of it.


Jaymin J. Patel is a Growth Coach & Soul Mentor for High-Achievers.

Business Owners, Founders, Spiritual Leaders, and celebrated Artists come to Jaymin after they’ve explored coaching (or have become a coach) and now want to explore their EDGE and see what more is possible.

Jaymin’s mission is to help soul-aligned leaders unlock their Greatest Achievement Potential, experience the highest levels of freedom & truth, and easefully expand into even more abundance in health, wealth, & love…

…without misspending a single ounce of their precious time & energy on the oh-so-common hurdles that hold most people back from living their greatest life & doing their greatest work.

In addition to being a (TEDx) speaker who has delivered 500+ paid talks and being an author of 8 books, Jaymin is a highly sought-after, heart-driven, no-fluff, intuitive coach who has been hired by powerful leaders in the spiritual & transformational communities as well as top leaders of corporations around the world like Kraft, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank.

Jaymin has been invited to speak at prestigious stages like Harvard Business School, The London School of Economics, ASAE, and has been called upon to consult for high level strategy programs for national governments globally, most recently Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly, Jaymin is a dad of two incredible kids and shares a beautiful conscious relationship with his wife, Eri. He and his family are currently living on the tropical island of Bali, where he hosts private retreats for his clients.

So, what actually happens
over these 6 months, Jaymin?

in short: transformation.

Fully Lived is not only my signature program, but it is also my expression of LOVE in the world.

And it is such an amazing experience: folks are kicking their addictions, finding new love, resolving decades-long mental health issues, doubling their business, breaking through limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, feeling more happiness, more confidence, reducing stress, experiencing ease, and overall experiencing life in a whole new way.

Part of the work is activating…

Discovering deeper layers of your inner power by connecting you to your inner child, your King/Queen, your inner wisdom (Sage), and other trans-personal Archetypal energies to support you in navigating life in a whole new way: At the soul-level.

Part of the work is subtractive…

Removing those still lingering, elusive layers of identity keeping you from fully shining your light, that all of that therapy, coaching, breathwork, tapping, etc. just hasn’t taken away yet. Oh yes, we’re gonna go deep!

“It’s very magical…this journey, and these methods. It’s like taking everything I know and seeing it from a new perspective. It feels good, I’m really excited!”



One of the worlds top 10 tantra teachers

Part of the work is Vulnerable…

Which means feeling it all & expanding your capability to feel even more deeply & experience even more abundance, joy, sex, love, bliss, and stop unconsciously blocking all that life wants to give to you… going the deepest into Emotional Mastery than you’ve ever gone before.

We’re talking completely shifting yourself to create a NEW loving relationship to your emotions (sadness, anger, grief, sorry, fear, shame, etc), and learning the 3 powerful levels of Emotional Mastery to get you through any remaining resistance, stuckness, avoidance, etc. that’s somehow slyly still holding parts of you back from fully shining.

Part of the work is practical…

Blowing your mind with new ways of commanding your language to create the world you want. Yes NVC is amazing, it’s also less than half-way to a Conscious Creator’s Language that allows you to do all the things because you’re completely removing this extra residual layer of complexity that most people get trapped in on their way to more.

We’re talking boundaries coming from YES’s vs no’s, powerful requests, clear signals to the universe to let the abundance of health, wealth, and love to move through you. Consider for a moment, the power you gain when your languaging is in complete integrity.

Are you ready to dive deep?

Here’s What You Get:

We will meet every week over the course of 6 months.

Jaymin will lead you through powerful, soul-level coaching every 2 weeks, giving you 14 days to really integrate the experience.

In between those sessions, you’ll get what we refer to as “Magic with Ellie” calls and hotseat coaching with Jaymin’s coach, Ellie, to help you navigate anything that’s coming up and dive even deeper especially helping you upgrade beyond limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

The group size will be limited to keep the group small & give you high-touch support.

Having structured numerous containers with outstanding results, you can trust this is the most potent way for you to receive the transformation from this container.

…In fact, the results are guaranteed!

Here’s the breakdown of your full experience:

Bi-weekly 90-min
laser coaching Hosted by Jaymin
Value: $15,000
These value-packed coaching calls follow a hot-seat coaching style, where you’ll have the opportunity to receive direct, laser support with Jaymin himself on any questions you have and be heard every week. Get ready for ah-ha moments on how to free yourself from the patterns holding you back and how to embody the full-body shifts to become a match for the Fully Lived life you desire.
Bi-weekly 90-min
“Magic with Ellie” Hosted by Jaymin’s coach, Ellie
Value: $8,000
We know that as you go through the practices and upgrades to become Fully Lived, the limiting beliefs that try to keep you playing small come out. This is why you get space multiple times per month to dissect and clear these limiting beliefs with Jaymin’s coach, Ellie, during a “Magic Hour” that will leave you feeling heard, held, and clear on how to powerfully move forward.
Lifetime access
video library, replays, & recordings
for continuing integration 
Value: $10,000
Ready to get the absolute most out of your time in Fully Lived? Then come to the live weekly calls equipped with burning questions to be heard & supported with high-level coaching. In between, you have access to a library of bite-size practices, tools, & trainings for any situation (literally, ANYTHING) that could possibly come up along your journey: Handling sadness, shifting your relationship with time, manifesting on demand, and so much more, all in your Fully Lived Content Library that you’ll have lifetime access to.
Private Facebook community with
24/7 support, coaching, & connection
Value: $2,000
Ever wondered what it’s like to have high-touch, direct support in your back pocket for virtually any situation you’re walking through? Welcome to the Fully Lived private community. You’ll receive 24/7 support inside a safe space to ask questions, share breakthroughs, and be celebrated & seen between our live calls. We’ve been waiting for you.
Intimate & intentionally small community for
high-touch support & deep transformation
Value: Priceless
What’s better than going on the soul-healing journey to becoming Fully Lived? Doing so surrounded by committed, ever-curious leaders on the same path as you, lifting you up, normalizing your experience, and encouraging you along the way. Get in the room with your people, those who are living Fully Lived and not settling for an ounce less than their deepest desire.

Jake's Journey of Ending Addictions to Alcohol & Video Games to Show Up as a More Present Father

Jake shares how Fully Lived helped him end his addictions to alcohol & video games, epicly blew up his career & landed him his dream job, and witnessed the calming of a divorce storm he had found himself in with his wife… making room for calmness, creativity, and a new book!


3 Big Shifts Fernando Made to Become Fully Lived

Behind-the-Scenes of how my client Fernando broke through the narrative of mental health diagnosis to turn up the volume & vibrancy of his life and the 3 major shifts he made to living Fully Lived!

We leverage RDCA (Results Driven Coaching Architecture) to ensure your results.

This means that every month we will guide you through the content so you can achieve mastery. The video library for each area will be open to you as a theme, and you get weekly calls where you get personal support on any of these areas or any other part of your life that you need support (sex, love, parenting, relationships, business, etc.)

And honestly the most amazing part: you get a high-touch soul community of like-minded leaders who are enjoying the world they’re in – including themselves and the people in them – even more than before!

It’s safe to say, it’s beyond epic!

And guess what?!
At this level, most of this work is actually micro-adjustments & shining light on certain blindspots that are running in the background… this container will give you the tools to do just that!

Also, because I love to delight my clients, you’ll receive bonuses, personalized guided meditations, and epic gifts throughout the container!

Imagine If…


You finally understood your soul’s mission – and your shadow’s program that’s simultaneously holding you back and creating this ongoing tension that is your life?

You felt your life as a beautiful breath of full integrity in all aspects of your life and finally, finally, finally REALLY relaxed?

You found yourself simply holding, receiving, and allowing MORE vs. trying so hard all the time?

You became the role model you wish you had when you were young and everyone around you reflected gratitude for you every day for just being the magical you that you are?


This is a life that is FULLY LIVED…

I invite you to join me in harnessing the power of
The Diamond Path to enjoy every aspect of your life
without giving up a single ounce of anything you desire
to experience in this lifetime.

Fully Lived



Fully Lived



Fully Lived



FULLY LIVED 6 Month Journey

Investment: $10K

Fully Lived VIP

4 additional Deep Dive 1:1
Coaching Calls with Jaymin:


Fully Lived VIP

4 additional Deep Dive 1:1
Coaching Calls with Jaymin:


VIP Option

4 additional Deep Dive 1:1
Coaching Calls with Jaymin:



There’s only one question to answer…

When you are living your life FULLY LIVED
– rocking it out, glowing, and magnetizing EVERYTHING you desire
in EVERY part of your life…

…do you think that might include
magnetizing an additional $10K right back to you…

…over the rest of your life?

If you don’t think so,
then stop right here.

Thank you for reading this page
and I wish you well.

then click the button below and let’s chat.

I’ll show you how
the folks who sign up and show up for this program
are easily more than 10xing that investment in their lives.

I unearthed subconscious programs that were keeping me playing small, and now I’m so much more in my power, centered in my heart, present, and alive…
I have learned and moved through so much in the program with Jaymin & Ellie! This was an amazing journey, the weavings of change really moved so much in my life, and unearthed some subconscious programming that led to a few big challenges, with massive breakthroughs, and big changes, that have brought me directly to where I am meant to be.

I now stand so much more in my power, centered in my heart, present & alive, and willing to continue to step more and more into my most authentic alignment. I am definitely living more fully. Thank you Jaymin & Ellie!


CEO, Recording Artist, Singer and Breathwork Facilitator

I love this program, it’s showing me how the complete opposite of everything I was doing before is actually available, easy, and more aligned to who I am… and more fun!
Fully Lived is perfect. I now feel excited about tension! This is the complete opposite of bypassing it all. I f*cking love it! I really f*cking love it! I feel like we experience more growth in 1 week inside this container than most people do in a whole year. It feels GOOD to be able to discuss these things and be understood. I feel like there aren’t many places I can go where people really get it.


Neuroscientist, International Performance Artist and Dancer, Australian Ninja Warrior, Australia’s got Talent contestant, Legally Certified Shaman & CEO of a thriving and extremely impactful business

It feels good to finally find someone I can deeply trust to lead & guide me
There are not many men in the world who can meet me in the way that you do. Thank you, Jaymin. I’m glad you’re my coach.


World’s Leading Expert in Regenerative Energy & Shaman/Medicine Man who has spent 13+ years in Peru studying with Mayan Elders

Tune into your body. Take a breath. What do you feel?

For most people who come across this,
they’re feeling excitement or, potentially, fear.

I want you to remember fear is simply excitement without the breath.

I invite you to breathe into what you just read
and know that no matter what you have faced,
no matter what you’ve experienced,
no matter what you may have learned along your journey,
Everything is Possible for you.

I’m excited to guide you
into experiencing exactly
what life looks like at the next level.

I guarantee you’ll love it. Let’s do this!

Inside Look Into How Dave Doubled His Business & Found His Soulmate After Divorce

A deeper look into what took Dave from seeking more after his divorce to finding the peace and fulfillment he always desired, and in turn attracting his soulmate while doubling his business and taking up a new mountain biking hobby!


How Janet Became a Resilient Leader While Weathering a Personal Storm Inside Fully Lived

The steps Janet took to connect to her true self & develop her wisdom, skills, and ability to withstand even the toughest set of circumstances from a position of calm presence and clarity

My life has opened up having someone show up for me and my soul in such a strong and powerful way, I feel incredible!
When I think about what you’re doing… you’re investing your soul into people’s lives. That’s a really beautiful and generous thing to do… to really come into someone’s field and be with them in it, and recognize it, and see it, and hold space for it. It’s a sacred work. It’s not for everyone – I’m so glad you’re doing it. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with me – I truly am so appreciative, Jaymin. I feel so activated. You shared super powerful tools that opened up a lot of doors for me and help me stay in tune with myself and in alignment with all parts of me to keep me in full integrity. It’s like OH MY GOD, HERE WE GOOOO…WOOO HOOO! I’m thrilled about the next chapter of my life because I know it’s what I’m here to do.

To have the wisdom and guidance of someone who has tread the path like you is incredible, I’m so grateful. It’s created so much value, and so much healing, and so much juicy deliciousness in my life.


Machine Learning & Software Specialist & Astrological Tarot Expert

I’m so grateful I leaped into learning these layers of deeper embodiment and “receivership” – life has completely opened up for me and I’m LIT UP!
I’m feeling expansive. I feel really alive, really lit up… just ready for life! I’ve been learning what it really means to be in my body. I feel expanded in my receivership: my capacity to receive what the universe has in store for me. Basically collapsing timelines so I get to experience my world more fully. Increasing my emotional bandwidth to feel the full extent of the human experience… I get to be more fully in life.

I love that you’re also an expert in business. So when business challenges come up, you’re able to speak directly into strategy that is going to be of the most benefit and take things to the next level. You have the capacity to bring such dynamism to various aspects of life, and I appreciate that in you so much. Grateful for you, Jaymin!


Super Athlete & Founder, Mountains & Marathons, a transformational leadership coaching, fitness coaching, and nutrition coaching company

From living a “linear life” to becoming a powerful visionary, creative & leader
Working with you is super fun, always surprising, really loving… I feel really supported, really held – I feel like I could be totally vulnerable, and I feel I was really cheered on. I love that we blended the masculine and feminine together – not many coaches can do that like you do.

When we started together, I felt I had a linear approach to life, and now I feel like I have the ability to go into this visionary space, and then ground that into everything that I do. It’s a more alive way of creating and approaching life. I definitely feel like I’ve increased my momentum and activated creativity. I feel more confident in my mission and sharing that. I feel a lot more peaceful.


Business Owner, Coach, and Leader of the Rebel Queendom, an online community with thousands of women from all over the world uniting in reclaiming their right to pleasure and activated by creativity

What kind of Soul-Driven Leaders join Fully Lived…?

» The Head of Innovation at one of the world’s largest and most powerful banks

» One of the world’s top 10 tantra teachers and healers

» A dad of 2 with a dream job at an IT startup of 25 people

» A former multi-millionaire that has retired in Bali and has become a powerful coach

» A women’s empowerment coach & breathwork practitioner who’s had a decade+ of growth work under her belt

» An Australia Ninja Warrior & Australia’s Got Talent contestant who is a model, fire-performer, coach & neuroscientist

» A Micro-Finance Leader & Impact Investing Manager serving emerging markets like Mexico and Central America

This is the COMMUNITY that is FULLY LIVED.
The way you pointed out my blind spots was so incredibly helpful. I see now how I really needed that ‘tough love’, and I’m so grateful because now my life is so much more inspiring and magical.
I’m feeling more inspired about the future. I feel more inspired about my mission, and what’s possible, and the kind of life I’m capable of manifesting, and the steps I need to take to get there. I am appreciative of your ‘tough love’ in the times I needed it. I appreciate having someone who will point out my blind spots the way you do so lovingly.

I was able to expose my vulnerabilities and step into my power. Everything I have learned from you has been effective, and it’s just about applying it more at this point. Thank you!” It’s very magical… this journey, and these methods. It’s like taking everything I know and seeing it from a new perspective. It feels good. I’m really excited!


One of the World’s Leading Tantra Teachers & Healers

From overwhelm and unclarity to now aligning to the essence of my core… deeply grateful for the powerful moments that I experienced in our coaching.
It’s just next level, what I experienced with you, Jaymin. In terms of your ability to synthesize and explore what is at my core. I was at a place of overwhelm and unclarity about how everything fits together. Hats off to you my friend, for your exquisite ability to ask me those pertinent questions and allow my truth to pour out and get to the essence and the core of it all.

I’m overjoyed with the results that came out of this. There were these moments of where – like, wow you could hear a pin drop… the clarity, the truth, the smile coming on my face so big. You brought it all to the table. So much in your sharing helped ground it all in a succinct and powerful way. Thank you Jaymin for bringing it! The thoroughness of what you laid out for me is so helpful. Deep gratitude.


International Actor, Musician, Artist, and Founder of AHANAH, a multimedia platform that aims to inspire, inform, & connect people to expanding their Inner Light and live a vibrant, purposeful life

I found everything I wanted and didn’t expect in this container, and it’s changing my life everyday!
I remember how on my very first call in the program, I was moved to tears in the process you led me through. I’m so grateful for that and to be in a community where that was so welcome. I also learned your manifestation practice which I thought was so unique and I put it to use. On the first day, I manifested 2 inquiries. I leveraged your communication tools that you shared with me and was able to break through and get some connection with a family member that I felt was estranged. I’m so grateful for this container and all of the wisdom that you share. Thank you so much!


Founder, Director, & CEO at The 5th Door, a transformational coaching company